Inspiring People through audio visual

Deep Communication is motivated to inspire the people through audio visual films for 'positive change'. We help through audio visual to various departments in Centre as well as in state government to disseminate the information about their schemes. Millions of people have been informed, educated and communicated. As we think, "Audio visual film is an effective tool to Inform to educate to communicate and above all to inspire the people."

What We Are

Deep Communication, a media production house, actively involved in Audio Video and Multimedia based productions, has expertise in the areas of interactive audiovisual creation for various sector like rural, social, corporate, government etc. It was established in August 2007 from Hisar and later on shifted to Delhi We provide quality and state of art services in audio visual and animation film making

Achievements- What We Do

We have Produced more than 400 (Documentary films, Educational films, Promotional films, Corporate Films and Audio Visual advertisements) films, 202 News Bulletin on agriculture (covering 1610 minutes airtime) have been telecasted on Door Darshan regional center Hisar. We Covered almost each and every sector as follows: Rural Environment, Education, Energy, Agriculture, Horticulture, Social welfare, Tourism, cultural, Spirituals, Corporate etc.

Team Strenghts

We have technically qualified, experienced and creative team for various media jobs. We have sound recorders, cameraman, Non Linear editors, and script writers along with team of freelancers on our panel for voice over, radio drama artists, anchors etc.
"We would be honored if our association extends to all your Video, Audio and Multimedia Presentations."